Customer Reviews

Here are just a few of the comments that our customers have shared with us upon receiving their puzzle orders. We value the gift of your feedback above all else, and we strive to make sure that we do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and will come back and purchase from us again and again.


I recently purchased the Stewart Coffin 30: Convolution from Nedeljko Woodworks. Nedeljko Woodworks provided great service by confirming my purchase immediately as well as shipping my package in a timely fashion. I received an updateing email every step of the shipping process , which I was very happy about. When the package arrived I found a small personalized note that made it very clear of how important customer satisfaction was to them. The puzzle was wrapped and protected very nicely and showed up in perfect condition. The puzzle itself was beautifully crafted and really showed how great Nedeljko’s woodworking skills are. The puzzle had very tight tolerances but not too tight , which made even the disassembly tricky. This puzzle will, with pride be set on display with my other quality puzzle collection. I highly recommend Nedeljko Woodworks and I look forward too make future purchases from them myself.



This is my 2nd purchase from Nedeljko Woodworks and I am just as satisfied as the first. The woods used to build this puzzle are absolutely stunning and the wood working skills of Mat literally shine on this puzzle. This puzzle sits close to front and center of my collection. I highly recommend the Wookey Hole by Mat Nedeljko.


I love the fit and feel of this puzzle as it slides together or apart. It’s the first puzzle people see when they come into my living room. Mat is an artist, his attention to color and detail is amazing. Buy this puzzle you’ll be sorry when he sells out. Thank you Mat for a great puzzle and spectacular piece of art!!!


When I received this puzzle, i had to stop and look at it. It is absolutely mesmerizing. The craftsmanship is impeccable and Mathew is perhaps one of the nicest people in our great puzzle community. Shipped super fast and everything was all good. Will be buying more in the future. Get this puzzle while it is still available!!!


I won’t bother reviewing the Coffin puzzle - there are plenty of blogs out there talking about what a great puzzle this classic is... Instead, I’d like to just say that this was my first order from Nedeljko and it will assuredly not be my last. Not only did it come extremely quickly, not only did they have excellent customer service and communication, but, most importantly, this is just a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. A good disassembly puzzle like this is best when you can’t even tell which parts are supposed to move. I could hand this to someone and tell them it is just a little wooden cube and they wouldn’t know any different until you find that one tiny key piece that can slide out; even then it will take minute to find the next steps, as the tolerances are just that good. On top of this, the use of contrasting woods shows well, and it just feels great in your hands. It is a good size, and the pieces are smooth and solid feeling. I’ll be coming back here as these guys are up with there with any of the best wood puzzle makers working today!


I received one of these as a gift, and it is amazing. Superb fit and finish, tight and smooth. And it's just gorgeous. Beautiful work.


Just a note to let you know that my two items arrived today! Wow that was very fast shipping!

I am delighted with these stunning puzzles and can not stop just staring at them.  They are truly a work of art and I am so happy I chose Nedeljko Woodworks as my first purchase of such puzzles.
The craftsmanship is top class and I am extremely proud to own your creations. No doubt my friends and family will be finding their way to your site once they catch sight of my goody's!